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“The economic need for creativity has registered itself in the rise of a new class, which I call the creative class”

Richard Florida


BOND’s primary business activities revolve around identifying projects in key target markets that are underserved by truly authentic lifestyle hospitality products. Lifestyle hospitality products are defined as projects that are architecturally significant, highly stylized and fully serviced. BOND has extensive experience and success with lifestyle hospitality management and development. This is the main focus of our business.


Unlike traditional hotel and resort developers, BOND Partners seek to work with local developers, who have solid track records and accomplished experience.

The developer executes on the traditional development functions, and BOND performs all of the items that are paramount to a successful hospitality development and operation.

With BOND’s extensive development, operations, asset management and branding/marketing experience in the lifestyle hospitality industry, along with their personal relationships with the top lifestyle brands, management companies, celebrity chefs and high concept bar and lounge operators, we are able to execute at a very high level in the creation and development of world class projects.


Create and Foster a Productive Team Culture
Creative Collaboration
Initial Market Analysis and Due Diligence
Feasibility Analysis
Concept Development (Hotel/Resort, Residential, F&B, Club, Spa, Market)
Architect Coordination and Management (*including contract negotiation)
Designer Coordination and Management*
3rd Party Consultant Coordination and Management*
Brand Strategy, Coordination and Management*
Drive Creative Process
Management Company Coordination and Management*
Site Planning and Space Programming
Operating Pro Forma

Project Underwriting
Financial Structuring
Investment Memorandum
Legal Documentation Coordination and Management
Capital Raise Coordination and Management (debt, mezz, equity, EB5)
Development Management
Pre Opening Critical Path
Staffing Matrix
Pre Opening and Post Opening Budget Management
Hotel/Resort Operations (Asset Management & Advisory)
Financial Accounting and Control Systems
Financial Reporting
Project Accounting
Strategic Planning

Our Services have been successfully executed while wearing a developer hat, an asset manager hat or an advisory hat. We understand each project is unique, and the needs of our partners vary, that is why we have a large hat shelf and feel comfortable wearing them all.

We are very happy to share our complete List of Services (the details).