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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Steve Jobs


BOND is a San Diego based, diversified hospitality and real estate development company. We specialize in developing, opening, and operating highly serviced, uniquely stylized, architecturally significant lifestyle hotels and residences, destination restaurants and lounges, and other mixed-use retail offerings. BOND is a lifestyle company with a deliberate growth strategy, backed by a sound business model and solid financial support. BOND was created to exceed the expectations of a highly sophisticated clientele and to develop, own, operate and asset manages Lifestyle Hospitality Assets.

Architecturally Significant

Highly Stylized

Fully Serviced

Not places to be discovered, but ones in which the most unexpected discoveries are made.

We prefer to see the world for what it can be, rather than for what it is. We admire trends, but possess a style of our own. We are always after that thing that waits to be discovered, just beyond the obvious and the well-known. We take pride in our honesty, wit and more importantly, our approachability. In that regard, our efforts are always collaborative – with you. Together we develop projects for what they are: intriguing; genuine; full of character and originality.

Elegant and timeless, but functional and down-to-earth.

We seek to develop properties where we create an environment that puts you at ease and at the heart of your story. An environment that accommodates you in the fullest sense of the word. By being strong, yet flexible and relaxed. Reassuring, but innovative.

We want to strike the balance between decadence and simplicity. Adventure and relaxation. Work and play.

We are about authenticity, discovery, community and personalization. We are “in the know” of all that surrounds us – history and myths, local ingredients and materials, up and coming local artists and musicians, off-the-beaten path restaurants and kitsch bars, untapped finds and hidden sites. 

We are approachable and conversational, not formal or forced.

We are about truly getting to know individuals along with their personal needs and wants.

We are about creating places that make life easier and more enriching.

We understand time is as valuable as currency. We are about ownership and having a face and name behind it all.